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General Purpose Ultrasound Probe Covers

Our extensive range of latex-free general purpose probe covers, ensures maximum protection for the user, the patient and the equipment. Easy to fit and use, our general purpose probe covers are suited to all sterile and non-sterile ultrasound applications.
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Product Details

Part No Description Size Quantity/
Latex Sterile Folded/
PC1419EU General Purpose Probe Cover 5 x 61 cm 20 No Yes Folded
PC1297EU General Purpose Probe Cover 8 x 61 cm 20 No Yes Folded
PC1296EU General Purpose Probe Cover 10 x 61 cm 20 No Yes Folded
PC1291EU General Purpose Probe Cover 13 x 61 cm 20 No Yes Folded
PC1416EU General Purpose Probe Cover 15 x 61 cm 20 No Yes Folded