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Hush-Slush™ System

During procedures requiring surgical slush, ORS Hush-SlushTM Systems from Ecolab deliver velvet-soft slush which saves valuable nursing time. The proprietary Auto-StirTM technology in Hush-SlushTM Systems eliminates concerns with conventional slush, ensuring there are no sharp edges which can cause trauma to delicate tissues.
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Offers and Benefits


Our Offer Your Benefit
Minimize the Risk of Trauma to Delicate Tissues
  • Produces a high quality velvet-soft surgical slush
  • Reduces the likelihood of damaging tissue due to large or sharp ice particles
  • Save Valuable Nursing Time
  • Auto-Stir device inside the basin automatically stirs the fluid as it cools
  • Produces soft slush easily and efficiently to save nursing time
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain
  • Controls are simple and easily operated by the nurse in the sterile field
  • Does not require an alcohol transfer medium like other slush systems
  • Quiet system does not disrupt the operating room environment
  • An optional Fluid Warming System can be attached to the side of the Hush-SlushTM Systems for providing warm irrigation fluids at a controlled temperature