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3D TRASAR™ Technology for Cooling Water

Powered by ECOLAB3D™

For 20+ years, 3D TRASAR has been the unparalleled leader in cooling water management technology, helping you minimize water use, maximize system performance and optimize operating costs.

Today’s 3D TRASAR is smarter and more powerful than ever before. Through Nalco Water innovation, 3D TRASAR Cooling Water programs deliver the deep insights and operational assistance you need to control your cooling water systems and protect valuable equipment assets with confidence.

3D TRASAR Cooling Water programs offer smart sensor technology, touchscreen user interface and improved connectivity. Programs include advanced remote monitoring, reporting and alarming across your site with convenient access from many mobile devices.

Powered by ECOLAB3D, 3D TRASAR Cooling Water programs include the ability to leverage our full suite of ECOLAB3D-connected services. Our Water Quality Intelligence service, for example, offers broad visibility to drive swift, targeted response to system upsets across the enterprise. Water Quality Intelligence helps quantify the savings from water-, energy- and waste-reduction projects, too, so you can prioritize and manage your value project pipeline.

3D TRASAR Cooling Water programs are designed to address the increasing resource challenges our customers face, with Premium and Compact options to meet a broad range of needs.


3D TRASAR Technology for Cooling Water Premium Plus Program

- with deposit sensing and identification

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Scale, corrosion, fouling and microbiological growth can negatively impact the efficiency and reliability of cooling water systems, and potentially shorten the lifespan of equipment and infrastructure assets. In addition, without an optimized treatment program, plants may face prolonged maintenance windows and downtime to address scale deposits and other issues.

Premium Plus technology features our most advanced all-in-one controller with touchscreen user interface, smart sensor technology and improved connectivity. The system’s new deposit sensor gives first of its kind early indication and identification of scaling and biofilm deposits. 

The Premium Plus solution is a part of a comprehensive cooling water program that provides outcome-based value to support your key business drivers. Combined with system intelligence delivered by OMNI™, powered by ECOLAB3D™, and our premium chemistry for scale and corrosion control, these technologies deliver a powerful integrated approach to managing cooling water performance and sustainability.


3D TRASAR Technology for Cooling Water

Premium Program

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Nalco Water uniquely understands how your cooling water system contributes to your organization’s success. To protect cooling assets in business-critical and high-stress processes, the 3D TRASAR Cooling Water Premium Program is our most robust cooling water management offering.

In addition to asset protection, this advanced program supports optimal performance and, most importantly, provides you with eROI (return on your investment) in the form of water savings, energy savings, reduced carbon emissions and labor savings.

With the 3D TRASAR Cooling Water Premium Program, you can harness the power of water to advance your operational and environmental goals. The 3D TRASAR ecosystem delivers deep performance insights to drive swift, targeted action in response to out-of-spec conditions and, ultimately, contribute to better outcomes for your business.



3D TRASAR Technology for Cooling Water Compact Program

Get peace of mind with the 3D TRASAR Cooling Water Compact Program, developed especially for small cooling water systems.

This 360° program helps safeguard system performance through a combination of smart equipment, real-time insights, on-site service and extended support from the industry’s water treatment leader.

3D TRASAR Spartan controller

Smart Equipment

Flexible, cost-efficient controller is designed especially for small cooling systems and communicates critical data for quick detection of issues.

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Real-Time Insights

Simple, clear, convenient and continuous insight into system status and KPIs, plus real-time alerts and alarms to drive action.

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Enhanced Service

Remote configuration drives expedited response. Action log creates always-on documentation to deliver peace of mind.

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Extended Support

24/7/365 alarm management and response from the Ecolab Global Intelligence Center with optional access to our Remote Intelligence hypercare service.


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