Dermados Station Touchfree for safe application of hand disinfectants in highly frequented areas


Stand-alone unit with touch free operation for safe application of hand disinfectants in highly frequented areas

The Dermados Station Touchfree (5/20L) has been developed for the installation in entrance areas of office buildings, hotels, hospitals, Food and Beverage producers, life science and industrial customer, schools and kindergartens, supermarkets etc..

It attracts people ‘s attention for hand disinfection by hygienic High-End Stainless-Steel Design and clear guidance by pictograms.

The station guarantees maximum hand hygiene by touch free operation and a long-lasting product supply due to the economical use of 5 Liter or 20 Liter Ecolab jerrycans.

Place it at the point of need – no wall mounting or cable routing needed.

Recommended Hand Sanitizers

16 kg canister Manodes GP hand sanitizer

Manodes GP

Manodes GP is a liquid hand disinfectant formulated in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) recommended hand rub formulation. Manodes GP can be used for all areas except patient treatment and care in healthcare settings.

Canister Skinman Soft Protect FF Hand Sanitizer

Skinman Soft Protect FF

Skinman™ Soft Protect FF is a fully virucidal, liquid hand disinfectant with vitamin E, glycerin and panthenol. Skinman™ Soft Protect FF is the complete solution for hand disinfection in every part of a hospital.

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