Fireside Treatment

The fuel burned to heat a boiler is typically the largest operational expense within a boiler system.  Preflame products focus on protecting the fuel, fuel storage, and fuel delivery systems from various forms of deposition and corrosion.  Slag and corrosion inhibitors target common combustion issues.  These offerings combined with a consultative approach to service can help minimize fuel and operational costs while promoting a sustainable industry outlook.

More Information

Through utilizing our programs, you can achieve increased fuel BTUs, improved stack emissions, and reduced cost of oil tank cleaning. Some of the other benefits you can expect to realize include the following:

  • Reduced storage tank corrosion
  • Restored tank storage capacity
  • Reduced strainer and burner maintenance
  • Reduced heater deposits and corrosion
  • Reduced tube corrosion
  • Reduced acid smut

Additionally, our Fuel Treatment programs are comprised of several different control agents designed to offset your most important challenges associated with effectively feeding various fuels. Through utilizing our programs, we can help you maximize the efficiency of and cost-effectiveness of your operation, through the following:

  • Preflame additives
  • Combustion improvers
  • Slag modifiers
  • Cold end corrosion control
  • Dust control
  • Freeze conditioning