A holistic water management approach offering enhanced strength and productivity, providing Better Water. Stronger Paper. 

ReStrength presents itself as a valuable proposition for the Recycled Paperboard Industry, setting the foundations for water savings and water re-use, ultimately working to minimize water, maximize productivity, maximize paper strength at optimized total cost of operations. 

For Papermakers, high levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand, bad odors, scaling and deposit issues in the effluent plant and the struggle to meet paper strength specifications are amongst the main issues hampering their papermaking process and impacting the quality of their finished products.

With its ReStrength chemical platform, Nalco Water illustrates its focus on what matters for the paper industry namely: mill production output, paper strength and sustainable wastewater management.

By managing water quality throughout all mill circuits with FIRSTCLEAR micro bio technologies in combination with HYBRID polymers, there is better utilization of raw material and better machine runnability.  By minimizing starch degradation and optimizing fiber fines control, strength is maintained and effluent water quality improved.

ReStrength provides Recycled Paperboard Mills, with a holistic water management approach for better water and consequently stronger paper.

Featured Programs

Water Dam Water Fall


From limited treatment to monitored and customized options, there are a variety of approaches to raw water treatment. As a customizable solution, FirstCLEAR can be incorporated as an essential part of the papermaking process regardless of your current solutions and conditions. 


 Designed for performance, this technology provides controllable drainage in high-speed machines, and improves ash/fines retention to complement existing programs without hurting formation, maximizing retention and drainage performance and reducing total cost of operation and environmental impact.