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Paint Booth Air Management

Paint spray booths are complex operations with multiple, dynamic variables that impact product quality, energy consumption and environmental impact. Because of the complexity, understanding all of the connections between the variables associated with air and KPIs such as first-time quality requires extensive experience. Nalco Water has the ability to make these connections to deliver targeted results with over 35 years of experience in managed operations of paint air booth management in over 50 global sites.

Featured Expertise

Air Supply House

With a focus on first-time quality and defects per unit, Nalco Water continuously monitors volume, pressure differential and air quality to optimize cost and quality. Data-driven control and management of humidification and filter systems has decreased particle counts by 34%.

Paint Booth Air Flow

Nalco Water pro-actively monitors air balance and flow through the air supply house to the paint booth, providing controlled operations, mitigating defect risks and unpredictable booth performance factors.

VOC Abatement

Nalco Water VOC Abatement management applies predictive KPI monitoring and comprehensive process expertise to optimize RTO and air scrubber system operations and reduce the risk of non-compliance and plant shutdown and GHG compliance.

Filtration Management

Nalco Water can manage dry and wet filtration performance, monitoring and replacement. Best practice programs can save up to 25% cost in filter life optimization.

Featured Partnership Solutions

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Total Paint Booth Management

Air management in the paint booth can be a major driver in maintaining first time quality.  As part of Total Paint Booth Management, Nalco Water can be your partner from the air supply houses, paint booth and oven air balance and VOC abatement. Managing over 50 systems globally, Nalco Water can help continuously improve operations and see problems before they happen. Learn more about the process areas of the paint shop Nalco Water can help to optimize.
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Operations Management for Automotive Manufacturing

Trained on-site operators monitor and verify all systems are within the limits for meeting performance metrics is the base of the Nalco Water program. Using this data, along with a strong understanding of the air management process and interconnections of the paint booth, Nalco Water can uniquely build and implement best practices to improve control. 

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Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Water System Design and Startup Consultation

Being a part of over 75 Transportation site start-ups, Nalco Water’s extensive experience on managing air systems and what can go wrong provides the unique perspective of how to make it go right.  Learn more about the Nalco Water service for Electric Vehicle start-ups.

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