Working Toward a More Sustainable Future

We help solve the world's greatest challenges through our commitment to protecting the environment,
addressing social concerns and adhering to responsible policies and practices.

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Our company’s purpose is rooted in
protecting our planet.

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We value our relationships with people and communities and work for social progress.

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Policies and Practices

We strive to do what’s right,
what’s fair and what’s honest.

We’re Partnering to Build a 100% Positive Future

We believe that when we deliver on our mission to protect the resources vital to life, we help customers succeed and have a positive impact on the world. Because our growth and impact are fundamentally linked, our sights are set on building a 100% positive future.

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Helping to Protect Earth's Resources

Sustainability is integral to everything we do — from making environmentally conscious decisions within our own operations to empowering business partners around the world to advance sustainable outcomes.

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Helping All People Thrive

Our commitments to safety, diversity and equity extend across our workforce, suppliers, customers and communities.

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Upholding Responsible Policies and Practices

We lead with our values, because what we do — and how we do it — matters everywhere. Our values and commitment to integrity make us a trusted partner for customers and communities everywhere.



2030 Impact Goals

We’re making progress on our ambitious sustainability goals, which focus on water, food, health, climate, safety and diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Reporting Resources

Our reports measure the results we deliver to customers and communities through industry-leading solutions, services and expertise.


Legislative Decree of June 8 2001 n. 231 introduced into the Italian legal system the administrative responsibility of Entities — including corporations — for certain crimes committed by directors, managers or employees in the interest or for the benefit of the Entity itself.

The “231 Organizational Model” is a document that falls within the forms of control envisaged by Legislative Decree 231/2001 and, if properly implemented, exempts the legal entity from liability and also provides a guide for all employees and collaborators, setting out clear guidelines to prevent crimes and corruption practices.

Each of the companies belonging to Ecolab Group in Italy adopted its own “231 Organizational Model”, with the aim of building a structured system of guiding principles and operating procedures, based on sound corporate management criteria.

The task of supervising the functioning, updating and concrete application of the “231 Organizational Model” is entrusted to a Supervisory Board for 231, a body, specific for each company, composed by two independent external members and one internal member.

To contact each Supervisory Board and report any violations of the “231 Organizational Model” and of the code of conduct:

The “231 Organizational Models” are part of a broader governance policy of Ecolab Group, which is based on ethics and integrity. All employees worldwide are required to complete Ecolab’s Code of Conduct training and certify their compliance with the Code on an annual basis.