Why WHEN you clean your hands matters

PRESENTER: Julie Storr & Claire Kilpatrick

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There is evidence that washing your hands regularly can reduce risk of acquiring SARS-CoV-2 by 36%. 

Watch the recording of this online seminar below and hear from Global Infection Prevention experts why it matters WHEN you clean your hands and how this can impact your health.

On-Demand-Webinar: Why when you clean your hands matters.

Advice from Global Infection Prevention Experts

"WHEN you clean your hands can impact your health"

Watch the recording to an event we held with Global Infection Prevention experts, Julie Storr and Claire Kilpatrick. They provide insights and guidance to identify the most important moments when you should clean your hands. 

About the presenters

Julie Storr, global health consultant, co-founder and director at S3 Global

Julie Storr

Julie is a global health consultant, co-founder and director at S3 Global. She has worked internationally for the last fifteen years, predominantly as an expert with WHO on the development, implementation and evaluation of global improvement programs in the field of patient safety, quality and infection prevention and control, with a focus on behavior change. 
Claire Kilpatrick, director of S3 Global

Claire Kilpatrick

Claire is a director of S3 Global and has worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) at global, regional and country level since 2008 after working at national level in public health for many years. She works on infection prevention, water, sanitation and hygiene and AMR in health care including campaigns, the development of guidance and implementation strategies and tools and country support. 

Learn more about WHEN and HOW to wash your hands

HOW to wash your hands

It just takes 5 steps to practice good handwashing - that makes 30 seconds to prevent the spread of infections.

Infographic with moments for handwashing

WHEN to wash your hands

Just as important as how you are washing your hands is when you are cleaning them during the day.

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