Make the best out of your steam system to save energy

Steam is one of the most widely used commodities for conveying heat energy across several industries, such as food and beverage, car manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and many more. Steam systems are critical for industrial operations and are among the most significant consumer of energy within an industrial plant. The current energy prices, volatility, and unpredictability have prioritized energy optimization. Join us in this webinar where you will learn practical ways to improve energy efficiency in industrial steam systems and potentially achieve savings of up to 40%. 


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Speaker: Gerhard Bingel

Gerhard Bingel is a senior chemical and technology consultant engineer from the Technical Institute for Chemical Engineering and Technology in Vienna. With more than 38 years’ professional experience, his expertise and professional activities lie in Cooling and steam generation in the Utilities across several industries such as Chemical, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing and District Cooling. As such Gerhard’s work emphasizes on holistic water use minimization, reuse and water recycling, energy efficiency, systems reliability and process efficiency.  Gerhard is member of the IDEA – International District Energy Association, ASHRAE and PCE-Professional Chartered Engineers UAE. His international experience has brought him to work in Central, Eastern & Western Europe, Middle East & Africa.

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