Think Green and Go Blue

Ecolab launches Ecobrite Low Temp, the new, powerful, and sustainable program for on-premise laundries.

April 15, 2022
Canisters of Ecobrite Low Temp products

Ecobrite Low Temp drives performance and improves operational efficiency paired with the best sustainable impact.

When it comes to developing professional solutions for washing and maintaining textiles in on-premises laundries, cleanliness and comfort, quality and safety are obviously top of our list of priorities. But sustainability is moving rapidly up that list, and we need to give it equal weighting.

Being able to identify products and services that are genuinely sustainable and creating a world that is fit for future generations is becoming increasingly important. Just as sustainability is a buzz word that is frequently misused, paradoxically the term ‘greenwashing’ is also attracting negative marketing connotations. Green advertising statements about a company’s products or services often promise unproven benefits for the environment and our health. It therefore makes sense to scrutinize the use of ‘green’ to symbolize looking after nature and the environment, and to ask whether those white coats really are spotlessly clean.

Professional system for on-premises laundries

Our skin comes into contact with textiles on a daily basis and what clothing looks, feels, and smells like influences how we perceive the people wearing it. Whether we are talking about hotels, restaurants, or healthcare facilities, hygiene is crucial for ensuring that guests and residents are satisfied. Clean textiles play a key role in this.

Equally, better results and more efficient cleaning processes are a significant factor in making on-premises laundries a commercial success.

Ecobrite Low Temp, the new, powerful, and sustainable laundry system from Ecolab, is the professional solution to these challenges. This system combines top-quality products with precise, automated dispensing solutions and first-class service to provide comprehensive, effective cleaning and disinfection from as low as 40°C, even for delicate items. The Ecobrite Low Temp products use innovative formulations to produce consistently effective results, even at this low temperature, combining first-class cleaning and disinfection of textiles with sustainability – and delivering the best of both worlds.

The innovative blend of surfactants in our Ecobrite Delicate Clean mild detergent makes it ideal for gently cleaning delicate textiles like wool, viscose, and polyester.

Ecobrite Delicate Finish was developed specifically for use in combination with Ecobrite Delicate Clean to give textiles a softer and more supple finish. Ecobrite Delicate Finish also protects the fiber structure and prevents shrinkage, pilling, and felting.

Our new product Ecobrite Magic Emulsion Clean is a highly concentrated pure detergent that will reliably remove grease and stubborn stains, even when washing at just 40°C. The carefully balanced ingredients will also protect the textile’s structure and produce brilliant whites.

Rounding off our innovative laundry system, we have Ecobrite Des; a highly efficient, oxygen-based disinfectant and bleach. The unparalleled formulation of active agents with peracetic and peroxyoctanoic acids guarantees reliable disinfection and effective protection against bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses.

Ecobrite Low Temp not only delivers laundry that is white, clean, soft, and fresh, but also makes on-premises laundries significantly more sustainable.

Textiles last longer thanks to sustainable surfactants and active agents, while excellent laundry results, even at lower temperatures, reduce water and energy consumption. Products in the Ecobrite range meet stringent sustainability standards, while Ecobrite Delicate Clean and Ecobrite Magic Emulsion Clean carry the certified EU Ecolabel environmental label.

Ecolab is the global leader and reliable partner in water, hygiene, and infection prevention. Our Masterplan 2030 sets out solutions and services that commit us to thinking and acting green, and to using innovative approaches to identify new ways of implementing sustainable solutions and methods to make the world a cleaner, safer, and healthier place, so that we can work with customers to achieve exponential operational and sustainable results. The Ecobrite Low Temp professional system for on-premises laundries is yet another milestone on our journey.

Heidi Busch
Marketing Manager Foodservice & On-Premise Laundry


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