From Waste to Textiles, Ecolab Introduces New Professional Cleaning Textiles Made From 100 Percent Recycled Fiber

Ecolab, as an organization prioritizes people, planet, and business health, and with their new professional cleaning textiles made from 100 percent recycled microfiber and cotton, they aim to put planet health at the forefront.

April 15, 2024
Group of sustainable mops and cloths

Ecolab's Rasant® Planet series flat mops and Polifix microclin planet series microfiber cloths.

True professional cleaning encompasses all components of the cleaning cycle. High-quality equipment, trained teams and innovative and sustainable processes help to achieve excellent cleaning results from start to finish. That's exactly why Ecolab has developed a new range of cleaning textiles fully made of 100 percent recycled fibers. 'From Waste to Textile' is the credo Ecolab's development team focused on, to match the high expectations of performance, hygiene, and durability, with the promise of more sustainability. With the new Rasant® Planet series, Ecolab’s four most popular Rasant® flat mops are now also available in recycled fiber! Additionally, Ecolab is also introducing the Polifix microclin planet series, the new addition to the microfiber cloths in the Polifix range. 

The new Rasant® Planet series mops have excellent gliding and handling mechanisms, making wiping and cleaning of various floors and surfaces easy and efficient. The Rasant® Planet mop introduces a high number of loop rows, ensuring a prolonged, sustained lifespan. The Rasant® Basic Planet incorporates grey edging tape, for a high textile stability. The Rasant® Micro Top Planet integrates a full surfaced microfiber plush on all sides, as well as the cover, which simplify the cleaning of corners and edges, and offer increased mop stability. The Rasant® Micro Basic Planet features full surfaced microfiber plush and a blue mottled color, which prevents the greying of the textile, and gives the product a cleaner, more hygienic look-and-feel. 

The new Polifix microclin planet cloths are made from 100 percent recycled microfiber. The cloths provide great water absorption and dirt carrying capacity due to their weight, as well as a strong hemline for maximum textile stability, which allows for safe and hygienic surface cleaning.

Both product lines incorporate color coding, so you know exactly which different application areas are best for each individual product and to avoid cross-contamination. All new mops and cloths have been thoroughly and intensively tested at Ecolab's Research & Development Center in Monheim, Germany and have passed over 500 (for the mops) and 1000 (for the cloths) test wash cycles with top marks in shrinkage, water absorption capacity and sqm-performance, displaying the true durability, and resilience of the recycled textile fabric. 

Comparative research also shows that during production the new recycled textile fibers, in contrast to non-recycled fibers, produce up to 33 percent less CO2 emissions, whilst also consuming up to 20 percent less water, and using up to 25 percent less energy. 

The new range of recycled cleaning textiles are expected to receive an external ecological certification throughout 2024 . As the global leader in water, hygiene, and infection prevention, and one of the biggest advocates for sustainability, Ecolab knows the importance of addressing sustainability across the entire supply chain. And with this new recycled textiles product lines Ecolab is doing exactly that.

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