Blue Solid Block - SMARTPOWER Presoak


Cutlery and Stainless Steel Presoak for Medium to Hard Water Conditions 

SMARTPOWER™ Presoak breaks down food soils such as starch and protein films, on cutlery and stainless, that the dishmachine can't handle alone. The lightweight block is safe and easy to store, carry and load/refill and its innovative design reduces packaging by up to 99% compared to standard warewashing systems.

Product Overview


  • Experience the best in class cleaning results with the professional SMARTPOWER™ Program
  • Active defoaming agents, no additional rinse step required before machine entering
  • Enzymes break down food soils such as starch and protein films that the dishmachine can't handle alone
  • Effectively removes film-build up and black tarnish on cutlery


  • For use in medium to hard water conditions 
  • Innovative dosing equipment prevents product overuse and therefore allows total cost control
  • The long-lasting, concentrated blocks minimise storage space and optimise cost in use


  • Lightweight blocks are safe and easy to store, carry and load/refill
  • Part of our shape- and color-coded SMARTPOWER™ range
  • Non-hazardous in use solution


  • Up to 99 % less packaging compared to standard warewashing systems
  • Up to 70% reduction of CO2 emissions associated with transportation


  • 3x1.8kg

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