Ancillary Surgical Equipment Drapes 

Ecolab Surgical can cover all aspects of the theatre, with Drapes for X-ray cassettes, monitors, touch screens, footswitches and remote controls and much more.

Our Offer Your Benefit

Our Offer Your Benefit
Complete Range Efficiency; one supplier covers it all
Variety of sizes Easy to cover
High quality Protecting patients and staff
Optimum coverage Optimum safety for patients and staff

Key Products

Part No Description Size Quantity
8911 Keyboard cover 51 x 61 cm 40
17558 Light handle cover Large 200
17642 Remote control cover 10 x 28 cm 50
17550 Cable cover telescopic folded 8 x 200 cm 100
17602 Envelope touch screen cover 45 x 48 cm 80
17601 Short touch screen cover 53 x 45 cm 80