Boiler Condensate Treatment

A properly managed condensate system is necessary to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient boiler operation.  Condensate returned to the boiler can positively impact water usage, energy and pretreatment costs.  To realize the benefits of returning condensate, a program of corrosion control must be implemented and maintained. Maximizing condensate return requires a balance of mechanical, operational and chemical control.  A poorly managed condensate treatment program can ultimately impact boiler system efficiency and reliability.

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Properly managed condensate treatment improves reduces scale-forming tendency of the boiler feedwater resulting in cleaner heat transfer surfaces and eliminates the potential for boiler tube failures.

Based on the purity needs, direct or indirect steam applications, regulatory requirements, or process needs, several different condensate treatment options are available
• Tri-ACT™ - Formulated blend of low and high volatility amines FAQ's

• ACT™ - Filmer comprised of food industry ingredients

• PRE-TECT™ - High purity amines for Nuclear industry

• POWERFILM™ 10000 - Filming corrosion inhibitor for utility boiler systems FAQ's

• POWERFILM™ 15000 – Volatile surface-active corrosion inhibitor