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COSA™ Alkaline Cleaners for Pharmaceutical Applications

Ecolab COSA™ Alkaline Cleaners for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers are specifically designed to remove typical residues found in CIP applications such as oils, fats, proteins and other organic materials. For pigments and inorganic soils, additives can be incorporated to aid in removal. For greases, oils, and other hydrophobic materials, surfactants are needed to help break up and emulsify these difficult-to-clean substances.

All Ecolab COSA™ alkaline cleaners are supported by a complete validation package, including techniques for determining acceptable residual levels and analytical methods for residue quantification in CIP applications.

With a full range of alkaline cleaners at varying levels of alkalinity and surfactants, Ecolab can find the right product to eliminate your toughest soils without damaging your equipment, putting your employees at risk, or creating problems in your wastewater treatment facility.

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Explore our Full Range of CIP and COP Cleaners and Sanitizers for Systems in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Manufactured in fully auditable and traceable production facilities, choose from Alkaline Cleaners, Acid Cleaners, Additives and Boosters, and Disinfectants, specifically formulated for pharmaceutical product contact surfaces.

Discover how you can develop a customized program for your facility’s specific needs that meet the latest regulatory standards and supported by our specialized technical and validation teams.  

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