Drains are critical destinations of organic debris and rinse water after production. Diligent drain cleaning and disinfection are key for maintaining a perfect hygiene standard. Existing drain disinfection methods such as flushing or placing chlorine tablets into the drains are often ineffective because they do not saturate the entire inner surface of a drainpipe.​

Drainspexx is an easy and reliable method for food producers to significantly reduce pathogenic microorganisms in drains to prevent cross-contamination on food contact surfaces and support Food Safety.

  • Drainspexx, as the perfect finish after regular cleaning, disinfection and drying, applies a disinfectant as a fog into the drain.
  • Thus, TVC, Enterobacteria and Listeria are significantly reduced in comparison to wet cleaning and disinfection alone.
  • Frequently applied, it becomes a regular part of the hygiene regime in high care zones and provides confidence in the effectiveness of the open plant cleaning procedure. 



All round concept​

  • Drain survey and feasibility check
  • Hygienic design and drain cleaning recommendations
  • Drain Hygiene Plan
  • Biocide - Ready-to-use, tested and proven for fogging
  • Dedicated application equipment serviced by Ecolab
  • Operator Training
  • - Drain Cleaning (Campden BRI)
    - Drain disinfection by fogging

Benefit from Ecolab‘s extended
Food Safety Expertise