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METRIX™ Horizon

More Strength. Less Weight.

Introducing Metrix Horizon, an innovative solution that delivers 2-3x strength performance compared to standard strength offerings in the market. This breakthrough technology provides board and packaging producers with the competitive edge they need to meet sustainability goals and improve profitability. Metrix Horizon also helps maintain machine uptime by reducing paper breaks and increasing on-machine efficiency. With our integrated approach and advanced technologies, you can optimize your total cost of operations while meeting your productivity and sustainability goals.

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Key Benefits 

  • Increased profit per ton 
  • Increased efficiency and lower additive costs
  • Strength benefits without equipment investments
  • Lower packaging weight resulting in more efficient transportation and less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy reduction opportunities (refining/steam)
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Case Study

Metrix Horizon Delivers Strength & Productivity for North American Recycled Containerboard Producer