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Hospitality Program

A Clean Hotel is a Successful Hotel

Ecolab understands hygiene and cleanliness is a critical parameter for your success. Hygiene and cleanliness impacts your guests’ experience and perceptions, affects their loyalty, and influences what they tell friends and family. That’s why it’s important to consistently deliver a clean, fresh first impression in all areas of your hotel operation, to improve guest satisfaction. 

Ensuring a Positive Guest Experience

According to reports a single negative online review can cost a hotel 30+ customers and 90% of travellers avoid hotels labelled as 'dirty'! 

So it's no wonder that hygiene and cleanliness play a vital role in improving guest satisfaction and ultimately the success of your operation. But with growing competitive pressure and increasing quality and service demands, housekeepers are facing more challenges when it comes to enhancing guest satisfaction. That is why Ecolab provides comprehensive solutions for each critical area of your hospitality operation, where safety, efficiency and guest satisfaction matter. Each program is supported by dedicated service specialists who know your business. Ecolab offers extensive customer and technical support and continuously innovates to ensure best possible results.


Solutions That Support Your Hospitality Operation

Ecolab Oasis Pro Housekeeping Range

Oasis Pro Housekeeping Range

Specially formulated to ensure you have the right products, cleaning tools and training aids for the task at hand.


Aquanomic Laundry Program

Concentrated solid laundry detergents dispensed through a closed loop system for safe working practices.

A person washing their hands showing us personal hand hygiene

Nexa Hand Hygiene Program

Washing your hands is one of the first defenses in helping prevent the spread of infection and foodborne pathogens.


KitchenPro Kitchen Cleaning Range

Ensure your cooking equipment and kitchen surfaces are clean and maintained and the food you serve is safe.


Apex for Machine Warewashing

Ecolab's Apex warewashing programme offers foodservice operators maximum control.

Electrostatic Spraying 101 Overview

Electrostatic Spraying Program

Ecolab offers disinfecting solutions and equipment that help you destroy or irreversibly inactivate bacteria and viruses.

Resources to Support Your Operation

Ecolab Lodging Brochure

Lodging Brochure

Download our lodging brochure to learn more about our housekeeping program and how it provides superior and consistent results, ensuring a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

Image of Ecolab's Hand Hygiene Brochure

Handwashing Brochure

Establishing a comprehensive hand washing program throughout your facility can help prevent the spread of illness among guests as well as employees for a healthier, more productive operation.
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COVID Resource Portal

Resources, links and suggested best practices in response to Coronavirus and re-opening of your operation safely and efficiently.


Our Partnership with Green Key

Every day, Ecolab works with its customers across the globe to do more with less – using innovative solutions to improve business outcomes while protecting vital resources. Our partnership with Green Key promotes the use of sustainable solutions at hotels and restaurants across Europe to meet customer expectations and achieve and maintain Green Key certification.

Be Prepared. Protection Starts With Prevention.

A trusted partner at nearly three million commercial customer locations, Ecolab (ECL) is the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services that protect people and vital resources. We offer an array of solutions to help maintain a clean, safe and healthy operation, including hand hygiene programs, cleaning and disinfection programs, training and more.

FRS Covid page image

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ecolab’s global team of experts have compiled a library of resources and relevant information to help provide guidance on maintaining a clean, safe and healthy operation.  Helping to protect and build confidence with your employees, guests, residents and visitors.

Woman blowing her nose

Seasonal Flu

While public health officials cannot predict the severity of the upcoming flu season, we do know that protection starts with prevention. Watch and download our latest flu materials to help you prepare for the flu season ahead, minimizing exposure and keeping your employees, guests, residents and visitors safe.

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Food Safety

Building a strong food safety program can help improve food quality, decrease food waste and increase guest satisfaction. Read on to discover how Ecolab can not only help prevent foodborne illness, keeping your staff and customers safe, but make a lasting impact on your business.

Female white TM talking with white male chef about dishware

Programs Supported by World Class Service

Backed by a team of scientists and industry specialists, Ecolab Service Representatives provide regularly scheduled service, sales and support as well as onsite employee training and inspections. We help customers reduce utility consumption, optimize labor and improve the life and efficiency of their entire operation.


Our Sustainability Impact

At Ecolab, sustainability is an integral part of everything we do. Through technology, information, on-site service and training, we help companies around the world achieve exceptional business results, while advancing a positive environmental and social impact. The work we do matters, and the way we do it matters to our employees, customers and our communities.

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