Before and after use of Ecolab's boiler hardness response program.

Boiler Hardness Response Program

When steam generation and reliable boiler operation are critical to a manufacturer’s process, best practice boiler system performance is required. Our industry-leading 3D TRASAR™ Boiler Technology now offers a comprehensive, fully automated hardness response program that expands the offering to include low level hardness measurement, upset detection, corrective action and communication of results.
3D Trasar Technology for Boilers Controller for the Hardness Response Program
The Nalco Water Hardness Response Program incorporates a state of the art hardness analyzer that monitors the process stream; feedwater, condensate, make-up water for increases in hardness (calcium and magnesium) concentrations. Based on the measured results, the 3D TRASAR technology for boilers can make treatment program adjustments to provide optimal scale control protection within the boiler system.
Cover of 3D TRASAR success story.

Success Story

Read how, by adding the new Hardness Response Program to our 3D TRASAR Technology for Boilers, we helped a U.S. refinery ensure their maximum boiler reliability.


Before/After Best Practice Implementation

1. Regular pump output under normal operating conditions 

2. Proactive response is reflected in the pump override action. 

3. Hardness override is suspended one measurement cycle after the hardness level drops blow set point