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Daily Food Safety Compliance | Sustainable Profits

Changing consumer demands and rising regulation standards call for increased food safety compliance and efficient and transparent operations. But do you really know if the chicken in the store was cooked and held at the right temperature? Do you really know if the floor and was cleaned and disinfected last night? Does all these data exist?

Possibly. It can be found on one of the hundreds of paper checklists filled out manually every day and collected over month, if not years in folders or boxes. But is this data really accurate, reliable, and easily accessible? Does it alert on issues before problems occur? Does it really help to create transparency in order to support compliance and store efficiency?

In Order to Reply to All Those Challenges, Ecolab Developed MARKETGUARD™ 365 

MARKETGUARD™ 365 is a digital solution which enables a paperless, consistent monitoring and documentation which helps to increase food safety compliance, data accuracy and operational efficiency. The program consists of a ready to use application and a web portal and can be completely adjusted to individual cleaning processes, documentation and temperature controls.

covid 19

Free COVID-19 Checklists

Amid a global pandemic, with consumers highly concerned about health and food safety risks in the stores, food retailer need an effective protection that does not increase process complexity. MARKETGUARD™ 365 provides digital checklist management, dashboards and free COVID-19 checklist procedures, to ensure safe food and healthy environments.

Contact us for more information on the free COVID-19 checklists inside of MARKETGUARD™ 365.

What If You Could...

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Have Paperless and Transparent Monitoring and Documentation

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Understand Food Safety and Compliance Risks

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Improve Specific Regions or Stores



What Does MARKETGUARD™ 365 Offer?

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  • 100% Customized checklists as per customer's standards and procedures
  1. Cleaning processes
  2. Temperature controls
  3. Documentation
  • Hierarchy specific access
  • Correcting actions selection and tracking
  • Notification management per store/region/national deployment
  • Training documents management tool
  • Digital temperature control and transmission


  • Paperless, consistent monitoring and documentation
  • Consolidated, accessible & defendable data
  • Success prediction with different data streams
  • Data transparency and accuracy to ensure food safety compliance
  • Time savings with electronic audits
  • Understand food safety & compliance risks at one glance on store and regional level
  • Decrease in false temperatures
  • Operational efficiency