Blue Background with 1L bottle outline of Maxx Synbiotic with white text saying Maxx Synbiotic

Maxx Synbiotic Range

Effective, Sustainable Cleaning With a Long-Lasting Effect

Ecolab is introducing the revolutionary Maxx Synbiotic range that not only delivers immediate cleaning performance but continues cleaning on and on and on and on.

  • Efficient on resources - A force of 50 billion microbes in each bottle enhance cleaning, ultimately leading to increased, long-lasting performance and an easier, quicker cleaning process for your team. For the results you want.
  • Tough on odours - Maxx Synbiotic actively breaks down the sources of odours, as well as actively removes substances that turn into future odours too. For a continuous, fresh environment you can count on.
  • Easy on the planet - A biodegradable solution that once used, maintain a natural microbial balance, and positively impact our environment. For a more sustainable future.
  • Based on science - For a more powerful future.

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