TurboShield Base Container


Double-active Shield for disinfection and protection of teats after milking

  • Powerful teat disinfection thanks to Bioxidium® technology
  • Active teat protection between milkings
  • High visibility on the teat
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Product obtained after a 50/50 mixture of Turboshield® Base and Turboshield® Activator, allowing the generation of chlorine dioxide. Activated quantity can be used for two milkings.


TurboShield Product Details

TurboShield® is obtained by mixing equal parts (50/50) TurboShield® Base (orange) and TurboShield® Activator (colorless). Then shake the cup and wait a few minutes for the product to change from an orange-red color to a yellow color. This change indicates activation of Bioxidum®. The mixture is then ready to be applied for use only after milking. The remaining product can be kept for the next milking.


Turboshield® contains chlorine dioxide, an active substance notified for teat disinfection in veterinary hygiene. 
Chlorine dioxide provides powerful and instant disinfection against a very wide range of pathogens.
Formulated by ECOLAB, Bioxidium® helps to control the use and performance of chlorine dioxide for teat hygiene.

Like a second skin, the Shield® protects the teats from one milking to the next against pathogens present in the environment.
Easy to clean, it is perfectly suited to high milking rates.


TurboShield® effectively disinfects and protects the teats after milking and protects them until the next milking.
TurboShield® fits perfectly into a control program against the pathogens responsible for udder infections and mastitis.

Package Size Product Code Palletization
10 kg - Activator 2319730 60 units
20 kg - Activator 2319750 24 units
60 kg - Activator 2335000 8 units
10 kg - Base 2319690 60 units
20 kg - Base 2139710 24 units
60 kg - Base 2335010 8 units


Not all packages are available in all countries. Please check with your local Ecolab sales representative to confirm availability.

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