JetFoam Base


Active foam for cleaning and disinfection of the teats before and after milking

  • ActiveFoam® technology for efficient cleaning
  • Powerful teat disinfection thanks to Bioxidium® technology
  • Easy to use: apply, leave to act and wipe 
  • Product obtained after a 50/50 mixture of JetFoam® Base and JetFoam® Activator, allowing the generation of chlorine dioxide. Activated quantity can be used for two milkings.


JetFoam Product Details

JetFoam® is obtained by mixing in equal parts (50/50) JetFoam® Base and JetFoam® Activator. Wait 2 to 3 minutes. Press the cup several times to form the foam. It is thus ready to be applied to the teat. Leave for 15 seconds and wipe dry.


JetFoam® contains chlorine dioxide, an active substance notified for teat disinfection in veterinary hygiene. 
Chlorine dioxide provides powerful and instant disinfection against a very wide range of pathogens.
Formulated by ECOLAB, Bioxidium® helps to control the use and performance of chlorine dioxide for teat hygiene.

JetFoam®'s ActiveFoam® technology forms a moist foam which adheres perfectly to the entire teat for optimal disinfection and controlled consumption. 
Boosted by active oxygen, the qualities of this foam also facilitate deep cleaning of the teat.



Before milking, JetFoam® avoids cross-contamination. It also allows effective cleaning even in difficult conditions.
After milking, JetFoam® protects the teat canal from microbial attack.
JetFoam® enables a rapid and sustainable implementation of good teat hygiene practices before and after milking.
JetFoam® fits perfectly into a control program against the pathogens responsible for udder infections and mastitis.

Package Size Product Code Palletization
10 kg - Activator 2326630 60 units
20 kg - Activator 2326650 24 units
60 kg - Activator 2334820 8 units
10 kg - Base 2326670 60 units
20 kg - Base 2326690 24 units
60 kg - Base 23348300 8 units


Not all packages are available in all countries. Please check with your local Ecolab sales representative to confirm availability.

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