Bioquell Validation

Validation for
Bio-decontamination Services

Ecolab’s Bioquell provides the robust validation documentation to help meet regulatory requirements, and rest assured that your bio-decontamination system is effective.

  • All reports are completed by one of Ecolab’s Bioquell validation experts
  • Our validation process removes doubt and helps you maximize productivity

When you purchase a Bioquell system or service, you’ll have the option to choose the level of validation you need to meet your regulatory requirements. You can also add validation services later, and revalidate systems based on your operating protocols. Contact us to discuss which option is right for you.

Bioquell Validation is
Comprehensive and Accurate

  1. Regulatory Paperwork
    In today’s working environments, you’re required to follow strict regulations to ensure your bio-decontamination process is achieving its target log reduction of microorganisms. A single “proving cycle” isn’t enough to meet these regulations. Whether it’s an airflow check and particle counts or full cycle development, Bioquell provides complete documentation for Bioquell systems, and reporting for your regulatory requirements.

  2. Training
    Practical exercises, in-person training and e-learning options empower you with the skills you need to run and maintain your Bioquell system. After your training, our technical team is available to provide support as needed.

  3. Installation Qualification (IQ)
    Setting up a Bioquell system requires expertise. Bioquell installs and configures your bio-decontamination system, start to finish. IQ confirms that all the required components are present. This includes key documents and calibration certificates.

  4. Operational Qualification (OQ)
    Once Bioquell has configured your system parameters, we verify that your bio-decontamination system is meeting these parameters. We review and test your system to authenticate proper functionality.

  5. Gassing Cycle Development (GCD)
    We develop fast, efficient hydrogen peroxide vapor cycles that achieve a 6-log sporicidal kill and fit your process requirements. To optimize your settings, we adjust the parameters of a series of live cycles in the target area.

  6. Performance Qualification (PQ)
    In PQ, we confirm that the cycle parameters that result in at least a 6-log kill in a designated space can be reproduced. As always, we provide full documentation.

  7. Proving Cycle (PR)
    This is an optional service to confirm that a set of developed cycle parameters remain consistent under different conditions. Biological and chemical indicators are used to help confirm the results.

  8. Requalification Cycle (RQ)
    Bioquell solutions are offered with requalification cycles, as often as your protocols or regulatory obligations require. We take the steps needed to confirm that previously established cycle parameters set from a GCD are still effective and valid.