2018 Corporate Sustainability Report Indian steel company

Closing the Water Loop to Help Deliver
Environmental Benefits to ArcelorMittal


Steel production is an energy-intensive process that is currently heavily dependent on fossil-based resources. ArcelorMittal, the world's leading steel and mining company, is trying to change that by integrating sustainable development strategies into its business as it works to transition to a circular, low-carbon economy. This includes recycling steel, reducing water use and lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The company’s plant in Etxebarri, Spain, produces tin-plate, tin-free steel and other materials that are used in canned food and beverages. ArcelorMittal was looking to improve the quality of the water being discharged into the municipal wastewater treatment plant through operational enhancements.

Ecolab Nalco Water Power Plant


ArcelorMittal sought to improve discharge water quality, reduce water use and water-related GHG emissions. Nalco Water, Ecolab’s industrial water treatment business, partnered with ArcelorMittal to develop an advanced on-site water management program designed to meet their three key objectives: avoid environmental pollution, bring freshwater use to zero and limit the plant's river water intake. Nalco Water implemented a Total Water Management program that included managing, operating and optimizing the whole water cycle 24/7 with on-site resources and automation, and designing, building and operating state-of-the-art solutions such as a fully automated recycling plant and 3D TRASAR™ Technology.


By optimizing water processes and implementing a water recycling solution, Nalco Water helped ArcelorMittal reduce freshwater and energy use. This enabled the company to improve its environmental footprint in Etxebarri, Spain, while achieving operational and cost savings by lowering discharge fees and eliminating the need to purchase industrial potable water. By eliminating freshwater from its process, ArcelorMittal also reduced pressure on the local drinking water supply, benefitting the residential area where the plant is located.

Nalco Water’s solutions helped ensure that the wastewater treatment plant remained in compliance with local regulations. In addition, Nalco Water’s interventions led to a significant reduction in energy use, which helped reduce GHG emissions. The enhanced water quality also improved the reliability of the steel production process, which led to less rework of the final product.

Nalco Water helped ArcelorMittal reduce freshwater and energy use, enabling the company to improve its environmental footprint in Etxebarri, Spain, while achieving operational and cost savings.

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