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The Situation

Bakery trays and pans are challenging to maintain and require time intensive cleaning - often with unsatisfying results. Carbon residues lead to formation of smoke in hot ovens and are transferred to bakery products. This influences the customer perception of the cleanliness in the store and puts the store image in jeopardy. Furthermore, most bakery trays are made of aluminum - a fragile metal - which reduces the pan life over time dramatically.

Our KAY Supersoak Concentrate solution can last up to one month and softens heavy grease and carbon build-up.


The Solution

KAY SuperSoak Concentrate is a proprietary blend of surfactants, alkalinity, and a metal protecting agent designed to deliver powerful soil removal without requiring personal protection equipment. It makes cleaning easier and reduces the cleaning time significantly. Bakery pots and pans are to be immersed in a solution of water and product in our safe and robust mobile tank and are to be soaked overnight. The solution can last up to one month and softens heavy grease and carbon build-up.


The Results

Real world time studies have confirmed that using KAY SuperSoak Concentrate cuts the amount of time spent washing pots, pans, utensils and equipment in half and gets ware cleaner in the process. Using SuperSoak Concentrate also significantly extends the life of the wares and saves of 15 hours a month in labor.*

  •  Cuts cleaning time in half
  • Dramatically improves pan cleanliness
  • Pans, pots and utensils last longer
  • Results in money savings

*15 hours savings based on washing an average of 25 pans per day

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