Food and Beverage processing plant.

No Rinse Disinfection

Great impact on productivity, energy, water and food safety.

Gaining Production Time with Octodes FP Disinfectant

A meat processing customer needed to optimise the cleaning of a large cutting room (1,500 square metres), which was mainly equipped with conveyor belts. They also wanted to increase sustainability by using less chlorine while maintaining food safety.  Additionally, they needed to limit cleaning time to only four hours.


Ecolab Solution
The meat processing plant now applies Octodes FP for disinfection, after using Topaz CL4 for their cleaning step, within the cutting room. Octodes FP is a liquid surface disinfectant based on mixed peracids and is effective when used at cold water temperatures and does not require a rinse. By using Ecolab innovations, the plant has optimised their cleaning process, increased sustainability and gained the additional production time they needed.

Potential additional benefits may also include:

  • Improve operator time efficiency
  • Save energy by removing the need to heat water
  • Reduce humidity in processing environmential
  • Improve microbiological results

Annual Impact

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Production Time Improvements

400 hours saved (€170,000)

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Energy Savings

105,000 kwh (€36,000)

Water saving icon.

Water Savings

2,000 cubic metres (€10,000)

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Food Safety

Improved micro biology results

Reducing Chemical Consumption and Improving Process Efficiency

A meat processing customer wanted to reduce the cost of their chemical consumption while maintaining or improving current food safety and cleaning standards.

The customer started to apply Octodes FP, which is used at cold water temperatures, in 3 trial stages:

  • Tabletop Trial
  • Full Line Trial
  • Full Factory trial

Throughout all stages of the trials, the site conducted extensive testing into shelf life, product quality and chemical carry over contamination:

  • Their product was not discoloured
  • Shelf life was not impacted
  • Micro performance was measured

Additional benefits:

  • Reduction in contamination risk
  • Reduction in acidic based cleaning

Annual Impact

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Cost Improvements

50% reduction in disinfection spend

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Labour and Process Efficiency

84% overall reduction in disinfection by volume, deliveries and storage

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Food Safety Results

Micro results for TVC and listeria all passed

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