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Bioquell Proactive Service

In a busy hospital, it’s easy for bio-decontamination tasks to fall through the cracks. You might have the right equipment to bio-decontaminate patient rooms, the OR, and other spaces, but who’s performing these tasks? How often? What happens if the people in charge of these tasks become busy with other responsibilities, and don't have time to run bio-decontamination cycles?

Bioquell Proactive is an all-inclusive service that handles every aspect of the bio-decontamination procedures required in your hospital, so your staff members don’t have to. On-site Bioquell technicians execute and document their entire bio-decontamination process and protocols on a daily basis. This comprehensive, flat-rate service helps you maintain a consistent, solid bio-decontamination strategy, to help eliminate the environment as a source of infection.

Benefits of Bioquell Proactive
Bio-decontamination Service

We work with you to plan for the unexpected, including outbreaks and emergency containment situations. With a Bioquell Proactive team on-site already, you can expect a swift response to any bio-contamination incident that occurs, to limit the impact to your patients and your facility. Our expert technicians receive regular training updates and are prepared for any bio-decontamination situation that comes their way.

Improved Efficiency
When you choose the Bioquell Proactive service, we’ll help you bio-decontaminate a greater percentage of rooms than if your in-house staff were operate the bio-decontamination equipment alone. This is due to a dedicated Ecolab specialist overseeing the bio-decontamination process, to ensure you never miss a planned bio-decontamination cycle.

Consultation Expertise
Have a question about a best practice or need bio-decontamination advice? Ask us. Over 20 years of experience working in hospitals gives us unmatched insight. We often partner with facilities that use multiple bio-decontamination methods beyond our hydrogen peroxide vapor, including UVC and UV-PX (pulsed Xenon). We use this broad experience and expertise to help you meet your infection-prevention goals.

What to Expect from Bioquell Proactive Service

Once you sign up for Bioquell Proactive, a Proactive Manager will work with key stakeholders in your facility to create a plan to meet your infection prevention goals. This could include a focus on specific pathogens, and identifying which units within your hospital need routine bio-decontaminations.

Your dedicated technician(s) will:

  • Perform daily bio-decontamination according to plan
  • Verify and validate results and create easy-to-read reports
  • Maintain Bioquell equipment and upgrade technology as needed
  • Order supplies and manage inventory

Bioquell Proactive is all-inclusive. Your dedicated technician handles everything, start to finish. This ensures that your staff has no added responsibilities, and eliminates the risk of your bio-decontamination program falling by the wayside during busy periods at your hospital.

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Why Choose Bioquell Proactive Service

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Your Bioquell technician is dedicated to only one task— keeping your bio-decontamination strategy on track. We’re able to respond to emergency situations, too.

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Tailor a bio-decontamination plan that meets your facility’s goals. Adjust the plan as needed.

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All-inclusive, flat-fee service. No hidden or additional costs. Free technology upgrades.

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Bioquell equipment generates hydrogen peroxide vapor, which achieves a 6-log sporicidal kill on exposed surfaces. 

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