Laundry Protection Program

Patients' and consumers' safety starts in the laundry. You are an extension of your customers' team. They rely on you to help keep their operations, staff and end-customers safe. You need to provide reassurance while reducing the chance of cross-contamination and protect your customers' brand. How can you help?

By providing clean and safe laundry.

Main Features
Our Laundry Protection Program provides integrated solutions to help ensure safe and efficient execution of laundry operation and reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. PROTEX360° laundry protection program helps commercial laundries to monitor key critical hygiene factors not only in the washing but also around and beyond it.
COVID-19 Webinar
Safely Restart your Laundry Operations

Clean textiles are a crucial part of keeping customers and individuals safe from infections. Following the correct processes and procedures to disinfect linen, but also keeping laundry surfaces and facilities clean is vital in ensuring that linens stay clean from washing to the end-user. The expert team of Ecolab is staying on top of the latest updates and is ready to guide you on various post-COVID-19 topics.

In this webinar recording (English) you’ll learn about safe and efficient execution of laundry operation and reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic including:

  • Re-opening checklists and steps to significantly boost plant hygiene
  • Ways to help keep yourself and your employees safe and healthy
  • Disinfection norms and practical ways to ensure the safety of the textiles

PROTEX360°: Five Solid Pillars of the Program  
In the Wash. Around the Wash. Beyond the Wash

1. Washing Solutions & Specialty Products

D+ washing solution for the complete protection of your textiles from the SARS-CoV-2 virus 

Be safe and stay protected with Ecolab's enhanced disinfecting washing solutions: Performance Industrial D+, Turbo Clean & Safe D+, PERformace40 D+, PERformance60 D+, OxyGuard60 D+.

Main features:

  • disinfection covering the full spectrum of bacteria and yeast
  • virucidal efficacy tested according to EN 14476
  • suitable for all types of textiles and garments

2. Hygiene Plan

Assuring Clean, Safe & Efficient operations

Hygiene protocols are fundamental to help guarantee health and safety in the workplace. PROTEX360° Laundry Protection Program provides guidelines, protocols and procedures for ensuring the safe use of chemicals needed to clean and disinfect the different areas at your facility to stay protected from SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Concentrating on three key areas - safe people, safe textiles, and secure facility - our hygiene plan tool will enable you to assess and implement the right hygiene protocols to ensure the continuity of your laundry plant operations.

3. Service and Expertise 

The power of people - our knowledge behind the chemistry!

Ecolab’s team of experts will work with you to ensure that with PROTEX360° Laundry Protection Program, your business can re-start efficiently and safely.

  • Providing performance measures of each critical operation process to better track operational efficiency and increase productivity
  • Recommending areas for improvement on quality & use of freshwater & press water to better optimize the washing performance & improve the efficiency of finishing
  • Delivering a monitoring program to check washing process performance throughout critical chemical parameters to guarantee consistent washing outcomes and textiles quality
  • Troubleshooting on the washing process remotely or directly on-site

4. Bio-contamination Control
Risk analysis & monitoring 

It is important to set the right procedures to comply with European hygienic norms or to apply for the different quality certifications for your plant. PROTEX360° Laundry Protection Program helps to control hygiene standards in the washing process, but also beyond it, by identifying and managing the risks of recontamination.

5. Training

The better you know, the better you do

PROTEX360° Laundry Protection Program provides customized training materials available in different levels:

  • Basic wash knowledge 
  • Disinfection & Hygiene
  • Textile Hygiene
  • Chemical Products

The training offer consists of information on hygiene plan procedures, products for cleaning, and disinfection included in the hygiene package. Technical know-how on different areas to improve the monitoring of the processes, safety, and quality are part of the training program as well.


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