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Milking Machine Hygiene

The hygiene of your milking parlor and the correct application of a sanitation plan of the milking plant and of the milk tanks is essential to:

  • minimize the risk of contamination of milk and dairy products
  • minimize the risk of cross-contamination between animals
  • maximize the economic life span of the milking plant
  • ensure food safety in producing a milk with low bacterial load
Ecolab's Milking Machine Hygiene Range

The range of Ecolab products includes:

  • alkaline sanitizers for the removal of fats and proteins
  • acid descaling agents for the removal of limestone (milk stone)
  • chlorine or peracetic acid based disinfectants for the removal of pathogens germs

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Ecolab's Environmental Hygiene Dairy Manual
Environmental Hygiene for Dairy Farms
Free Ecolab Manual

Environmental hygiene and biosecurity are a fundamental step that more and more dairy farms are undertaking. In order to minimize the risk of infections is essential to keep the environment clean. Ecolab is working to a systemic approach aimed at supporting the farmers in this process. Request your free copy of the Environmental Hygiene for Dairy Farms Manual to learn more.