HorolithClean packaging


Powerful acidic cleaner for milking equipment and milk tanks

HorolithClean is a liquid, acidic product for descaling and cleaning of milking equipment.

The application of HorolithClean provides the following key benefits:

  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Prevents build up of milk stone and iron deposits
  • Good material compatibility
  • Low foaming


HorolithClean is an acidic product which assures very good scale removing and cleaning properties. It is suitable for all kind of standard milking equipment, including cooling tanks.

The Clean products are the most applicable basic program for good milking machine hygiene.

Pre-clean with water. Clean with HorolithClean at 0.5% (minimum 10 min. at 40°C - 50°C). Rinse with water of drinking quality. To be used in daily rotation with AseptoClean.

Package Size Product Code EAN Code
12kg 2331990 4028162331998
24kg 2332000 4028162332001
72kg 2334740 4028162334746
250kg 2332020 4028162332025
1200kg 2332030 4028162332032


Not all packages are available in all countries. Please check with your local Ecolab sales representative to confirm availability.

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