Massive gas fired power plant near a long mountain range on a sunny day.

Gas-Fired Power

A gas-fired power plant’s main condenser has more impact on overall thermal efficiency than any other unit process.  In today’s competitive, deregulated power market, low heat rates and operating costs are a real competitive advantage.  Gas-fired power plants also want to be good corporate citizens of the communities in which they operate and good stewards of the environment.
Nalco Water delivers high reliable gas-fired power plant performance to customers through a combination of industry expertise and consulting with on-site technical service, connected chemistries and digital technologies.

Customer Success Stories

Skyline view of an industrial power plant with several pillars on a sunny day.
California Combined Cycle Plant Uses Nalco Water’s OMNI Condenser Performance Program to Reduce Annual Fuel Costs By Over $500,000
Shoreline view of a freshwater waterfall crashing onto a lake.
Texas Combined Cycle Plant uses Nalco Water PURATE™ technology to improve generating efficiency
Close-up photograph of the inner wall of a pipe with multiple layers of rust peeling off.
Filming Corrosion Inhibitor Reduces Corrosion in Combined Cycle Plant with Air-Cooled Condenser

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