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Supplier Sustainability

Ecolab has set ambitious climate, water, diversity and safety targets as part of our 2030 Impact Goals. Our suppliers have always been part of our sustainability strategy, now formalized with a commitment of 70% of our suppliers to commit to science-based targets by 2024.

Supplier Sustainability Expectations

Ecolab’s supplier sustainability and DEI expectations are focused on three main activities, outlined below:

  • Commit to science-based (or materially similar) targets on carbon reduction
  • Disclose CSR progress through supplier surveys
    • Sustainability performance and results via CDP Supply Chain
    • Tier 2 DEI spend data through Ecolab supplier survey
  • Act within your operations to achieve your goals
Supplier Sustainability Disclosure Resources

Ecolab expects suppliers to set targets to reduce carbon in their operations using science-based methodology and disclose these targets and carbon footprint via the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The links below provide more information on how to disclose via CDP: