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Ecolab provides you with site-specific cleaning and disinfection programs to help manage risk and improve process efficiency for external surfaces of manufacturing equipment and cleanrooms.

Our end-to-end cleanroom products and solutions allow manufacturers to have safer processes, reduce risks, meet regulatory requirements, support compliance initiatives, and realize operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Ecolab Life Sciences supports pharmaceutical manufacturers by delivering a comprehensive, programmatic approach to cleanroom contamination control.

Ecolab Bioquell: efficient and versatile decontamination
Discover Our Bioquell Technology
Bioquell decontamination services and solutions empower you to improve product safety, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and reach maximum operational efficiency.
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Scientist swabbing petri dish - Ecolab's Validex Program
Pioneering a Global Standard: Ecolab’s Validex™ Program

Validex™ enables end users to use this data as an extension of their own validation data, therefore minimizing the cost and resources required for their own efficacy studies. This harmonized ‘One Method’ can give companies a transferable platform to achieve replicable results between laboratories and between countries.

Learn More about Ecolab’s Validex™ Program
Cleanroom Manufacturing Capabilities

Take a look at Ecolab's Life Sciences manufacturing facility located in Greensboro, NC.

Manufactured in cleanrooms for cleanrooms, Ecolab provides cleaning and disinfection products for pharmaceutical customers around the world.

Global Technical Expertise

An Ecolab partnership provides access to experienced technical experts who will deliver sustained compliance and operational excellence. We work closely with skilled technical teams to tackle unique challenges, providing the best-in-class service and solutions to deliver on product safety and quality, and productivity and regulatory compliance.

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Cleaning and Disinfection Validation Support
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Site Surveys by IRCA-accredited SMEs
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Regulatory and Scientific Insights
Ecolab Life Sciences Technical Experts

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